ONR YIP: Polymorphic Wireless Computing for Ultra-Wideband 6G Spectrum Dominance

Achieving technological dominance in 6G wireless networks is of fundamental strategic importance to the economic well-being of the United States. To concretely deploy terabit-per-second communication links, fundamental research breakthroughs are needed to rethink how computing will be conducted in 6G wireless systems. To this end, this project will lay the foundations of a new paradigm named polymorphic wireless computing. We will research novel techniques that will seamlessly adapt not only the underlying algorithmic structure, but also the hardware and software structure of the 6G wireless platform according to ongoing mission-driven objectives, existing network/spectrum operating conditions, and current performance metrics of interest, while being able to operate at several GHz of bandwidth. To this end, we will perform highly interdisciplinary research at the intersection of machine learning, embedded systems, wireless networking and wireless security. To reduce our research to practice, we will prototype our techniques on software-defined radio platforms equipped with reconfigurable hardware; and leverage unique state-of-the-art facilities at Northeastern University to perform extensive experimental evaluation in realistic use-case scenarios.