Current Projects

FuSe: Deep Learning and Signal Processing using Silicon Photonics and Digital CMOS Circuits for Ultra-Wideband Spectrum Perception
NeTS: Medium: Resilient-by-Design Data-Driven NextG Open Radio Access Networks
NeTS: Small: Reliable Task Offloading in Mobile Autonomous Systems Through Semantic MU-MIMO Control
CCRI: Principled Dataset Generation, Sharing and Maintenance Tools for the Wireless Community
RINGS: Internet of Things Resilience through Spectrum-Agile Circuits, and Maintenance Tools for the Wireless Community
CC*: A Software-Defined Edge Infrastructure Testbed for Full-stack Data-Driven Wireless Network Applications
SHF: Self-Adaptive Interference-Avoiding Wireless Receiver Hardware through Real-Time Learning-Based Automatic Optimization of Power-Efficient Integrated Circuits
SWIFT: AI-based Sensing for Improved Resiliency via Spectral Adaptation with Lifelong Learning
ONR YIP: Polymorphic Wireless Computing for Ultra-Wideband 6G Spectrum Dominance
AFOSR YIP: Dynamic Data Driven Open Radio Access Systems

Completed Projects

Securing Comparmented Information With Smart Radio Systems